Sunshine Bloombae

The perfect little ray of sunshine Bloombae.

Pictured: Sweet size Sunshine Bloombae with classic mélange truffles. *Changing truffle assortment may change wrapper colors slightly.

Sunshine Bloombae

The perfect little ray of sunshine Bloombae.

1Bloombae size & truffle assortment

About The Sunshine Bloombae

The Sunshine Bloombae is the Walking on Sunshine! of all our Bloombaes. It's the feel-good, sure to brighten up even the dreariest of days, chocolate gift. The Sunshine Bloombae is reminiscent of sunny days, and pink and purple bouquets. It's the perfect pick-me-up during those gloomy April showers, and it also makes a great alternative to an Easter basket or unique Mother's Day gift. The sun shines a little brighter when this Bloombae is around.

Width 14"
Height 16"
Sola wood flower

Forever in bloom

We love flowers, but it's a little dreary when a beautiful bouquet starts to wilt. We wanted to make sure Bloombaes lived on long after their truffles had been devoured. Enter: sola wood flowers. They're beautiful, soft, 100% biodegradable flowers made from tapioca wood peel. They never wither or die, and can be plopped into a little vase for decoration, or repurposed to make pins, napkin holders, hair accessories - you name it. Sola wood flowers help make each Bloombae a gift that is forever in bloom.

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