Ruby Rouge Bloombae

Love and elegance in one Bloombae.

Pictured: Supreme size Ruby Rouge Bloombae with milk chocolate truffles. *Changing truffle assortment may change truffle wrappers to silver.

Ruby Rouge Bloombae

Love and elegance in one Bloombae.

1Bloombae size & truffle assortment

About The Ruby Rouge Bloombae

The Ruby Rouge Bloombae is one of our most beloved chocolate bouquets. Decorative red and burgundy sheets surround gold organza and soft, white sola wood flowers. It is the perfect alternative to a dozen red roses and can even be used as a festive holiday centerpiece. Choose milk chocolate truffles or our dessert mélange which features an assortment ganache-filled milk and dark chocolate truffles, with mouth-watering flavors such as crème brulee and caramel pecan. Whether as a gift of love, thanks, or holiday cheer, you can't go wrong with the timeless flavors and hues of the Ruby Rouge.

Width 14"
Height 16"
Sola wood flower

Forever in bloom

We love flowers, but it's a little dreary when a beautiful bouquet starts to wilt. We wanted to make sure Bloombaes lived on long after their truffles had been devoured. Enter: sola wood flowers. They're beautiful, soft, 100% biodegradable flowers made from tapioca wood peel. They never wither or die, and can be plopped into a little vase for decoration, or repurposed to make pins, napkin holders, hair accessories - you name it. Sola wood flowers help make each Bloombae a gift that is forever in bloom.

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