The Bloombaes Origin

Bloombaes was sparked by a quest to make long distance gift giving a little more special. Denise Fuchs (Bloombaes founder and CEO) wanted to send a congratulatory gift to a close friend who had recently been promoted at work.

“I spent hours searching the web for unique gifts to send her. I wanted her to feel how thrilled I was for her, even though I couldn’t actually be there to show her,” Fuchs said.

When she couldn't find anything online beyond the gift delivery mainstays - flowers, gift cards, gourmet baskets, etc. -  she decided take her favorite parts of those classics and create something new. The result was a handmade bouquet of chocolate truffles. It was beautiful, delicious, and thoughtful. Her friend loved it.

And that was all it took. Denise began sending her homemade chocolate bouquets as birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, and even sympathy gifts - each bouquet better than the next; each receiver happier than the last. Soon, she had more orders than she could handle by herself.

When it came time to name her chocolate bouquets, Bloombaes just clicked. In her own words: “every bae deserves a bouquet!”

Just eight months later, Denise opened her flagship Bloombaes shop in Hickory, North Carolina. She plans to open more stores in 2018.

But what exactly is a Bloombae?

A Bloombae is a handcrafted chocolate bouquet. It’s a colorful combination of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles and keepsake sola wood flowers, wrapped in smooth floral sheeting, and most importantly - made with love.

We like to think of a Bloombae as the love child of flowers and chocolate. It’s the ultimate in chocolate gifts, but even after the chocolate has been devoured, the sola flowers live on. Bloombae giftees can keep their Bloombae intact (sans truffles) or simply keep the card, flowers and decorative bucket as keepsakes.

Bloombaes come in an array of colors, with a generous selection of truffle types, cards, and add-ons, so gift senders can select the perfect Bloombae for the person and occasion. So simple. So thoughtful. So personal.

From start to finish, sending a Bloombae is a truly unique way to show someone how special they are, how much they mean to you, or how thankful you are for them.

We think you’ll agree: sending love never tasted so sweet.

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